Why Invest in Startups and SMBs?

Multiply your Investment

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Why Us?

Access to curated high-potential businesses from various industries

Access to Curated deals

Each and every deal is evaluated, screened, and filtered

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Address all Investor queries swiftly

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Get personalized deals as per your interest areas

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What kind of companies you can invest in?

What kind of companies you can invest in?

We are Sector Agnostic. We invest in entrepreneurs who have deep domain knowledge and in businesses that are scalable.

How can you become a part of our Network?

We have a very easy process

  • Apply on our website: Just fill up the membership form on our website or email your detailed profile on
  • Recommendation by an existing Member: If you already know an existing Member personally or professionally, they can provide a recommendation letter along with your detailed profile

Upon receiving your application, we will review your application and inform you of the status within a week. The selected members will be required to sign the registration form with the specified Terms & Conditions and pay the annual membership fees.

How often and where do we meet?

We intend to leverage technology by conducting webinars or e-meetings as per the requirements. However, we will also organize an occasional face-to-face meeting.

What is the Procedure to Invest in the Deals?
  • We will send out the filtered deals (Teaser/Pitch deck) to you through Mail or WhatsApp.
  • Once you have analyzed the deal, you can let us know your preliminary interest. In case you have any queries, you can connect with us. We will help in addressing all your questions and clarifying the same.
  • All interested members will be invited to participate in a pitch-deck presentation by the Promoters.
  • Once the deal is approved and terms finalized, all documentation can be completed and funds transferred to the investee company