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About Us

Jindagilive Angel Network (JLA) is a network of Angel Investors who are CXOs, HNIs,and successful entrepreneurs having strong business and financial acumen. We focus on startups and SMBs that not only need capital but also require persistent mentoring to grow their business.

We believe that building a business takes more than money. It takes…

Each and every deal is evaluated, screened and filtered

Address all Investor queries swiftly

Get personalized deals as per your interest areas

Get annual valuation reports for your portfolio


  • Multiply your Investment
  • Access to Portfolio company’s services
  • Increase Brand Visibility
  • Expand Your Network and Knowledge
  • Connect with other Investors


We focus on startups and SMBs that not only need capital but also require mentoring to transform them into successful business. Besides raising funds for startups and SMBs, we assist…

Disclaimer: JLAngel Network acts as an introducer between the investor and start-up companies to enable the start-up companies get the required investments. Services rendered by us are distinct and separate from a Stock Exchange, nor does it intend to get recognized as a stock exchange under Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1956 and is only a facilitator for investments. We do not facilitate any online or offline buying, selling or dealing of securities, clearing or settlement of trades of securities. We are not a network or a platform for the secondary market trading.